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Three parallel threads then set the stage for more serious considerations of selfish genetic elements (SGEs) and genetic conflict ideas. The role of mitonuclear conflict in key eukaryotic transitions. for selfish conflict between mitochondrial and nuclear genes. An important mechanistic question regarding large-scale heteroplasmic mtDNA deletions is whether they are indeed propagating as selfish genetic. Genes in Conflict: The Biology of Selfish Genetic Elements: Medicine & Health Science Books @ IV Selfish Genetic Elements and Genetic Conflict. From the book The Princeton Guide to Evolution. Lila Fishman and John Jaenike. https. ates the opportunity for selfish conflict between mitochondrial and nuclear genes. The term conflict can be used in different. Covering all species from yeast to humans, Genes in Conflict is the first book to tell the story of selfish genetic elements that act. Such intragenomic conflict is also a hallmark of sexually. Intragenomic Conflict and Immune Tolerance: Do Selfish X-Linked Alleles of intragenomic conflict [IGC] and the evolutionary origins of XCI systems). Découvrez sur Genes in conflict - The Biology of Selfish Genetic Elements par Austin Burt - Éditeur Harvard University Press - Librairie Decitre.