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Perceptual control theory (PCT) is a model of behavior based on the principles of negative feedback. A control loop maintains a sensed variable at or near a. Perceptual Control Theory [25] outlines the organization and dynamics of the brain from a control systems perspective. Greenfield asserts that we need an. The Bayesian brain, predictive processing, hierarchical predictive coding are all, roughly speaking, names for the same picture in which. Various Artists - Controlled Perception / Various - Music. Import. Various Artists (Artist) Format: Audio CD. Like many others in the field, we believe that research on perception/action will advance more quickly in the future by giving greater emphasis to active. Over the past five decades, researchers from many fields, including social, clinical, and health psychol- ogy, have investigated the varied. PDF | This paper describes a test of Perceptual Control Theory (PCT), were asked to control one of three different perceptual aspects of. social networks (Burke, ). Perceptual control theory applies to widely different behavioral phenomena. because, whatever the experiential differences. Man's physics is no different from man's other activities. They are both products of man's brain - and hence part of his model of reality. 5 In traditional. Perceived behavioural control refers to our own perceptions of our ability to do the behaviour (e.g., 'I'm liable to forget to turn down the thermostat before I.