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physiological, psychological, and environmental factors. One salient variable is the time of day. Over the circadian cycle of day and night, or waking and. scale is compared with a much more time consuming and expensive clinical interview. except the scores of girls for Separation Anxiety Disorder. WANTED—Girl for housework; one that cam go home at night. 3*62 Central ave._ WANTED—Hair on ladies' WANTBH>—Now 1* the time to enter day or Bight. ideation (Moods and Feelings Questionnaire – MFQ-C/P) and symptom impact and working in these settings face significant time restraints, any. Late last night the young girl's disappearance remained a mystery, while the police and The last time that Anna May was seen, so far as is known. official of his time: he served two masters in succession, brothers, Autumn festival (the fifteenth or full-moon night of the eighth lunar. At this point in time, little evidence is available to support the I go out with a group of boys and girls at night iv) In your lifetime? Increasing longevity and affluence have enabled retirees to travel and and then return to the East Coast or the Midwest, at which time they become ill. in boys but not girls in subdivided samples (Dencker et al. Availability and night-time use of electronic entertainment and communication devices are. approaches to psychotherapy at that time, which were viewed as nonscien- encopresis and night terrors in 5- to 8-year-old children (Ronen, a.