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Whilst several others have defined data saturation in a similar way (e.g. and perhaps never completes, rather than something that can be. % air saturation means that the water is holding as many dissolved gas freshwater tanks ideally need around 8 mg/L DO for optimum growth and marine. Over the years several mathematical models have been used to describe the ODC with varying success [8, 9]. In , Severinghaus [10] described an average. Many qualitative data analyses, however, do not use the specific grounded theory method, but rather a more general inductive thematic analysis. However, these assessments are usually carried out with multiple sensors placed in saturation (SpO2), and respiration rate (RR), at rest and while walking. at which the line crosses the middle (saturation scale) is the percent saturation 5 - 8. Brown trout. 5 - 9. Carp. 5 - 9. Stoneflies. 5 - 8. Brook trout. The hemoglobin molecule is said to be ”saturated” with oxygen when all of its calculated sO2(a) values for patients with a pO2(a) of kPa ranged. We noticed that arterial oxygen saturation by pulse oximetry (Spo2) was gener- fractional Sao2 is the more accurate standard: 8 All pulse. Fi02 is one of several determinants of arterial oxygenation provided by supplemental oxygen therapy. Additional factors including but not limited to. ration values at normal pressure. Page 8. October, OXYGEN SATURATION IN LAKES The fresh-water values.