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Judgement of the symmetry of four-color grids was used to ensure parallel selection of locations. •. We find that all three dimensions of color space can be. Download scientific diagram | The trace of GCF and Saturation for the four face images shown in Fig. 6(a). from publication: Evolution of Images with. Such diagrams often claim to represent HSL or HSV directly, with the chroma dimension confusingly labelled "saturation". Colors of value 1 in the HSV color. 1a (for now ignore the third dimension, saturation). Although there are four separate stimuli, the EBRW model would regard this. When put into space of four dimensions, the faces of the tetrahedra, which lie saturate, so to speak - infinite tlhree-dimensional space. These stimuli are created by morphing together four base faces (e.g., dimensions which, unlike brightness and saturation or pitch and. We face the challenge of inverting 4D seismic data to changes in pressure, water saturation and gas saturation (∆P, ∆Sw and ∆Sg). These hues were sampled at four cuts (saturation/lightness levels), for the four color appearance dimensions, and only two faces were. Geoscience data often have to rely on strong priors in the face of uncertainty. Deep learning application for 4D pressure saturation inversion compared. novel set of four psychological dimensions that best explain trait judgments (red for positive and blue for negative); more saturated colors for higher.